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Operation System 2020 Art

The Extended Operation System Art

The extended operation System Art 2020 is differing a lot from the existing system. It offers much more self determination for the artist than the existing one.

The OS Art 2020 includes for the first time the legal system – the jurisprudence and here especially the intellectual property (IP).

Intellectual property includes patent, design, trademark and Copyright law.

The intellectual property law does not protect the artwork as such, but the intellectual property linked with the art work.

This IP right is closely connected with the artist himself. Some of these rights are strongly linked witht the artist and cannot be taken away. It is the artist who is controlind the process. The IP right exists without ownership, even when the a painting has been sold. It is stronger than the ownership.

Should an artist be in a position to obtain a patent or a trademark, these values are outside the existing operation system art. They are independent from the art market.

New and other professionals are entering the art market: Lawyers, trademark agents, Patent offices. They determine togehter with the artist the new operation system art 2020.

One of the publications of Markus Wanger explains in detail how this works and how the artist is becoming more important in the new system.

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